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2008 - 2016 Drawing Room One
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Drawing Room One

Drawing Room One create cut-through broadcast design, illustration & original short form animation from concept to completion. Works include Nickelodeon’s ‘Fat Files’, ‘Napman’ and ‘Kid’s Firsts’. Each series has won international multi-award acclaim for its broadcaster.

The folks at Drawing Room have also been producing TV commercials and illustrations in Australia and internationally for over 15 years.

Paul Newell

Paul is a multi-award winning animator and cartoonist. A lifetime of drawing has taken him from political cartooning to a long career in television. He has designed and animated characters for Nickelodeon, Disney and Sesame Street to name a few. The cult Australian Olympic mascot, Fatso the Fat Arsed Wombat was also Paul’s creation.

Phoebe Middleton

Phoebe is a multi-award winning designer, illustrator and animation background artist who achieved a BA in Design and Illustration from Underdale South Australia, spent years at Disney and then co- created Fudge Puppy Productions with a chain of successful original animation concepts.